Mário Andrade

User experience designer. Currently working at the Guardian. Driven to design meaningful digital products.
Support the Guardian
The Guardian, 2017
Contributions landing page and appeal

Development of a new unified proposition for the Guardian’s various reader facing products. As part of this project we have been developing and validating a new experience that bring different products like subscriptions to one-off contributions together. I’ve been leading the user experience work for this project across multiple teams and managing two junior user experience designers.

The Guardian, 2016
Contributions landing page and appeal

Discovery work on Contributions, a new way for Guardian readers to support the Guardian through one-off financial contributions. During the project I’ve been involved in designing new types of appeals to promote contributions across the Guardian site and apps, running iterative live messaging tests to understand the reader’s motivations for contributing and optimising the payment flow.

iOS and Android app
The Guardian, 2014
Guardian app for smartphone and tablet

Redesign of the Guardian’s native apps for smartphone and tablet. With iOS and Android smartphone apps built at different times and no support for tablets, this project was an opportunity to create a unified Guardian experience across both native platforms and devices. I was involved since the project inception, helping to design and validate all the aspects of the app from early concepts to refining individual features.

Breaking news alerts
The Guardian, 2015
Guardian app for smartphone and tablet

Expansion of the breaking news alert feature to the Guardian site. For the last few years push notifications have allowed news editors to effortlessly reach Guardian app readers with breaking news stories. As part of the redesigning of the Guardian site, I’ve helped to design and test with readers a new mechanism to present breaking news alerts and supported the development of the internal editorial tools that enable the service.

Help homepage
DigitasLBi, BT, 2012
Guardian app for smartphone and tablet

Redesign of BT.com Help homepage. The key goal behind this redesign was to reduce the number of received helpdesk calls about service problems. To achieve this the page was designed so popular help articles could be easily surfaced and new self-diagnostic flows for troubleshooting common service problems could be easily accessed. In this project I’ve helped design the different support modules and develop a flexible responsive layout for the whole page.

Tesco.com homepage
DigitasLBi, Tesco, 2011
Guardian app for smartphone and tablet

Redesign of Tesco.com homepage. This homepage works as an entry point for all the different Tesco department sites, but Tesco wanted to optimise it to the needs of its high number of visitors. The team tackled this redesign project by creating a page layout that gave a strong emphasis to the most visited Tesco sites (Tesco Direct, Tesco Groceries, Tesco ClubCard) whilst still providing a simple way to a vast amount of other Tesco content. During this project I’ve helped to produce several new concepts for the page layout and producing at the end a detailed specification document of the chosen concept for Tesco’s own development team to bring to life.